Thomas Borrell

Thomas Borrell

Turba Tom’s (Thomas Borrell) truck is a 2010 4th gen dodge ram 2500 standard cab long bed. The truck was originally intended to be a hot street truck, Until friend and UCC competitor Trevor Peterson said “You could build one of these trucks”. From there the project went from street truck to UCC build. The original Cummins engine was removed and a Freedom racing engine solid block power plant built for over 2000Hp was installed. Air and fuel come from Hardway Performance with a pair of SS Diesel 12mm Pumps, a set of Hardway/SS Diesel Ordinance Injectors, and a 88mm Garrett Gt55 turbo. Putting the power to the ground is a Muldoon’s Diesel 48re with a Santjer Performance Development Input shaft and Suncoast converter. The truck was fully built in his home garage, other than the Freedom engine, Muldoon’s Transmission and Hardway Tuning. Making the truck lighter, thus faster, a rear 4 link was installed and fiberglass front clip, doors and bedsides were a must. Keeping  the truck safe is a certified 25.6 chromoly cage built and installed in said garage. The entire build of the truck, since the day it was bought, can be followed and seen on the TURBATOM YouTube channel and Instagram.

As a child his father always had slightly modified diesel pickups and semi’s.  Also his family often went to Buck motorsports park to watch different events, but the one they never missed was the Semi Truck Sled pulls. Since then he has always had a love of anything diesel.  Why diesel? Really it is a bit of a mystery to even himself, was it because of his fathers trucks or the events they would attend? Even though he is not really sure what sparked this passion, he just fell in love with the growing diesel motor sports industry/ community.  With the help of the people at Airdog, Fluidamper, Fleece performance, Freedom racing engines, Muldoon’s diesel performance, Santjer performance development and Hardway performance a truly one of a kind 4th gen Cummins truck has been built in a home garage by Turba Tom, who has learned and shared every part of his build step by step.

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