Jacob Riordan

Jacob Riordan

My start to diesel pick ups was needing something for hauling cars, I had just opened up a shop and became fond of buying and selling cars however my gas truck couldn’t handle what I needed it to do so I ended up buying a LB7 that needed injectors and little did I know the rabbit hole would start and never end, currently still hasn’t ended nor will it ever as long as we compete. I had never really wrenched on diesels before but the only way to learn was to dig deep into the pocket book and start turning wrenches. At one point and time 500 horsepower seemed more than enough but the itch for more overcame anything else. I started traveling around to events and just throwing my truck on the dyno or dirt drags, I just wanted to have fun and learn. After changing the very first set up on the truck the next set up wasn’t enough, I paid dearly to learn just buying the stuff once was the route to go. I finally decided I wanted a 1000 horsepower so I built the engine to handle that with no air or fuel to match, we ended up stumbling across a triple turbo kit my good friend Paul bought for me and its been history from there. I could of never got into this without the team of people behind me.

I got a message from a friend asking if I still wanted to go to UCC thinking there was no way we could go, we are nobodys, our budget is shoe string as it gets, due to last years circumstances we had no season to compete but the door was opened for us to go so I just paid the entry on a split second decision and told everyone were going no matter what, its just money, after almost no events last year we didn’t care what it took to make this happen we were going to drive across the country and show up to UCC with a running truck no matter what. There is absolutely no way I could of made any of this happen without the people in my corner that have helped me with my shop, my trucks, or anything needed. 

We ended last season with 1384 horsepower and it wasn’t nearly enough so we came back this year swinging for the fences. We have been able to work very closely with Interstate Diesel Performance for our competition built 5 speed Allison transmission’s, Starlite Diesel has taken care of all our tuning, Performance Machining and Turbo has made sure our turbos are taken care of, Flux Diesel with our injector needs, Manton Pushrods getting our valvetrain to the best it can be, Kryptonite Products with every front end part they carry, Mishimoto for any cooling needs, Our 2 12mm cp3’s from Dynomite Diesel Products, and Opti-lube for making sure all our shop vehicles are taken care of year round. We sent the shortblock down to Baird Racing Engine and Chassis this year for Danny to work his magic on the bottom end and Cylinder Head Service for our cylinder heads and porting needs. Lastly I couldn’t of made any of this possible with my shop Speed Stop INC, my family, or my friends. We just want to show up and have fun, this entire trip is dream come true.

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