David Petrick

David Petrick

David’s truck is a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab, his trucks current setup is a triple turbo configuration with 3 forced induction etr units with the piping kit being done by TSI diesel and performance who also does all my fab work from turbo setups to the cage that’s in the truck. All piping is held together with vibrant performance clamps and piping. Fueled by a large set of Dynomite Diesel Products injectors and a Motorsport diesel 10.6 cp3 and ddp 12mm cp3. The engine is a sleeved 6.7 Cummins block built by Steve Burton at New Performance Auto. All machine work and assembly is done in house along with engine dynoing it is to make sure it’s making the power it should before we put it in the truck. Carrillo rods, Diamond Pistons, No Limit cam, some Manton valve train, head work done by New Performance Auto as well. Everything on the engine is made pretty by the guys at Hytec Speciality coatings. The truck has made north of 2khp on a chassis dyno and has been lower 6s in the 1/8th mile. All the power is put down through a Firepunk diesel comp3 48re, and all the power is possible because the guru Gordon Lindamood begins the computer making it work. It’s still a full steel truck as well. 

David’s history with diesels began in 2007 when I purchased this truck new. He left it around 500hp for 3 years and then got the bug to shoot for 1000hp, he achieved the goal finally on stock bottom end and left it there for around 2 years, once the stock rods finally let go, I decided I wanted to build an engine and that’s when I met new performance auto and it snowballed from there into the 2000hp monster it is now. He started racing some ODSS and local events around 4-5 years ago he tries to beat my personal best each time he is out. Over the last few years his truck has become decently well known in the diesel community and I’m lucky enough to where I can work alongside TSI Diesel and Performance and meet tons of people in the industry who’ve helped him get the truck to where it’s at. 

David’s team consists mainly of a bunch of my friends and family at events, leading up to the events relies on the guys at New Performance Auto, along with all the guys at TSI Diesel and Performance. David couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for loving fiancé Keylie allowing him to spend countless dollars and hours working on the truck and helping prepare it for every event. A few of his biggest supporters/ sponsors are New Performance Auto, CR Henderson company, TSI Diesel and Performance, Dynomite Diesel Products, and Firepunk Diesel. But along with them the rest of the people that have had hands in the truck have helped make it what it is. XDP, Hytec Coatings, No Limit Manufacturing, Vibrant Performance, Airdog, MM3 power, Manton, Yukon Gear, GL Tuning, Forced Inductions, Nitrous Express, and Country Side Customs.

When David was ask why he wanted to compete in the UCC this is what he said. “I want to compete in UCC because I want to show them you don’t have to be one of the biggest names out there to show up and do good. I felt my truck has enough in it to put on a strong run and run with the big dogs and I love the sport and want to be able to say I’ve done that event and I did well. End of the day it’s all about putting on a good show for the fans and keeping the sport alive and I want to help all I can with that.

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