David Martin

David Martin

Hailing from southern Michigan, David Martin is representing Locke Performance 2019 was their first time as UCC Competitor. Martin had previously competed as a UCC Qualifier at the Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018 and the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier in September 2018. 

At UCC 2018 as a UCC Qualifier, Martin landed in 6th place overall missing his invite to UCC 2019 as a UCC Competitor by only 2 places. Martins daily driver threw down 1,071.5 HP and 1,912 pounds of torque, placing him at 14th for the dyno portion of this triathlon. On the drag strip, he managed to get down the ¼ mile in 10.439 seconds placing him in 10th. On Sunday, Martin played the game he was familiar with placing him in 5th place with a pull of 260.25 feet for the sled pulling portion of the competition.

Martin was head to head with the other UCC Qualifiers at the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier during all three events of the competition. Martin snagged first place in the drag racing portion sending his 2006 Chevy down the 1/4 mile track in 6.679 seconds. Martin was able to increase to 1,141 HP placing him in second on the dyno. It was all still up for grabs when the sled pull portion of the event started on Sunday. Martin was able to place 1st in the sled pull portion dragging the sled 296.18 feet, which was further than the other two UCC Qualifiers combined. Martin took 1st place overall and earned his automatic invite to UCC 2019 as a UCC Competitor.

Martin plans on bringing back his 2006 Chevy with over 292,000 miles on it just as it is for UCC 2019. The motor is based off the original engine block and cylinder heads that came in the truck. The LBZ Duramax block and heads are somehow still alive while watching two crankshafts snap in half, with the third version is still holding strong. The motor began life again in the machine shop where it was bored .040 over. It was then fitted with SoCal Diesel billet main caps and ARP studs. To ensure they wouldn’t strike out after a 2-0 count of broken crankshafts, a SoCal Diesel narrow rod journal billet crankshaft was chosen to keep the motor in the game. Swinging the crank is a set of CP-Carrillo forged H beam connecting rods. The pistons are fingers cast oval bowl units compressing the cylinder volume from 16:0 to 1. Stuffed in the center of the block is a SoCal Diesel 6480 alternate firing order cam. The heads were CNC ported on one of Wagler Competition Products mills. They keep the stock valve and are clamped to the block with a set of ARP 625 studs. Breathing life into the motor is a set of 3 Borg Warner turbos. They will be running an s400 in the valley and twin s369’s out in front. Fueling the motor will be done with 200% over injectors and a single 14mm pump. Nitrous express will handle the N2o through a 2-stage progressive system. Martin is aware that this motor is a ‘base-hit’ kind of player, rather than a ‘home-run’, but he is swinging for the fence on this one waiting to find out if the pistons can go the distance.

2019 13th Overall

Drag (1/8 mile) – 6.492 Dyno • 1,191.9 hp/ 1,723.7 tq Sled 245.92

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