Charlie Fish

Charlie Fish

KC Turbos is rocking a 2005 Ford F250 6.0 powerstroke that started its life out as an old reg cab long bed 2wd work truck.  Charlie, the owner of KC Turbos, bought the truck 5 years ago to turn it into his daily driver. He shortened the frame to make it into a shorty, AKA reg cab short bed because they were not offered like that from the

factory.  Repainted the whole truck with the harley front end.  Then stripped the interior and put in a custom cluster, carpet, leather

seats, 2008 f250 center console, custom sound system, etc.  The engine and trans was fully built to handle anything a street truck could throw at it.  It was a daily driven 1200hp truck that spent a lot of time at the track.

WELL… Charlie got the racing bug and little by little kept adding more and more power.  With bigger compound turbos, bigger injectors, more nitrous, and a 4×4 swap Charlie competed in the UCC qualifier last year putting down 1500hp and ran a 6.1 in the 1/8th with his heavy full trim street truck with no weight savings… sadly he blew his motor chasing those numbers.

During the off season he decided to RUIN his beautiful, amazing street truck chasing his dream to be competitive in the UCC.  He removed the bed, the whole front clip, custom sound system, stripped every wire off the truck, and started cutting weight where he could.  This year he comes back with a full fiberglass front clip, fiberglass bed sides, custom traction bar system from One Up Offroad, bigger injectors from Warren Diesel, custom Kill Devil Diesel engine built for 2000hp, a front mount turbo system from Odawgs Diesel, and countless hours of tuning from Chris Buhidar with Truck Source Diesel.

Charlie’s goal for this year is to try and Hang with the big dawgs and show what this old 6.0 HEUI injected dinosaur can do.  He has no aspirations of actually winning the event but would love to end up in the top 10, maybe even top 5.

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