Travis Stebbins

Travis Stebbins

New to the UCC this year is Travis Stebbins, he started redline Motorsports 9 years ago in Maine and built the shop to one of the largest shops in the state in 5 years. The moto of treating people good and doing quality work paid off. Travis is primarily a sled pulled in Maine, They took the points championship 3 years in a row. 

Travis moved to Newton, North Carolina 3 years ago to be closer to family and started from scratch down there.  Travis had truly never thought of ever going to UCC due to the money aspect he always looked at UCC as if it was for big time supplier that had the backing and the money to compete. He went to KOS in 2017 with his good friend and sponsored his truck Hooking Ain’t Easy out of Maine Kevin Phillips. They had some issues but realized if we would have been able to compete fully we would have done well . So he took his truck to KOS 2019 and said if we can get top 10 we are doing good as the competition going was stout.They battled hard, had some transmission issue but worked their way through it with an awesome crew of guys and managed to pull off a second place.

Travis has a great group of sponsors including DPC Converter which has been with us for a while. Exergy Injectors , Yukon Axle, Fleece Performance, Stainless Diesel, and CTT Tuning.  When Travis had gotten the invite to go to UCC after KOS he was a little shocked and told his wife he wasn’t going to go. The more he though about it the more he though what if I, coming in as a big underdog? What if I can finish event and maybe pull off top 10 I would be very satisfied with what we are coming with it would be awesome in my book.

Travis has some new sponsors for the 2020 season including S&S Motorsports,  CEN-PE-CO Lubricants, and some that have chose to stick around including CTT Tuning, DPC Converters, Yukon Gear and Axle. Without the help from these sponsors there would be now way of doing this for him. He cant thank the sponsors enough for the help and hopes to make them proud, there will be no lack of trying that’s for sure, the guys coming down to help are Kevin Phillips, Garrett Sands, Luke Pomerleau, all these guys are traveling from Maine to help support him. All of the wifes will be there in full rally as well. They helped out at KOS by going to parts store to buy all the trans fluid and filters they had! It truly is a big family for them. 

This year he is going to try out Matt Sanjers new solid input shaft in the Firepunk 48 to see how it like 8000+ pounds and 1800+ hp, their goal for the dyno is to be around 2,000 hp. With the help of CTT Tuning, fuel and some spray he think it’s achievable. This is all possible to have a stout power plant machined, put together by the boys over at Freedom Racing Engines. The engine is a Hamilton HD Block 6.4 with Diamond Pistons, Carrillo HD Rods, 14mm studs and mains, and Freedom Race head.

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