Todd Welch

Todd Welch

Welch has the support of his shop Power Driven Diesel and co-owner Will Terry, in addition to their family and friends to compete at the highest level of diesel competition. They also have the support of Diesel Performance Converters, Farrell Diesel Service, Hamilton Cams and Nyes Automotive. This shows the world that mechanical injection trucks can compete on the world stage.

During their first UCC competition in 2017, the team experienced problems with the intercooler and pump timing gear during the drag race and dyno portions of the event. The team ended up coming in 24th place for the drag racing portion with a time of 15.757 seconds. They also came in 22nd place on the dyno with 754 HP, but that didn’t stop them from getting 1st place in the sled pull with 321 feet, 9 more feet than his approaching competitor. In one of the biggest surprises of the event, Welch and his team brought the truck to the line with cut tires. Taking things a step further, they brought six cut tires fitting dual cuts on the rear of the truck with a massive rear axle assembly. With his mechanical engine turned down for their first hook, Welch hammered the throttle putting the power to all six tires ending with longest hook of the event.

At UCC 2018, they came in 16th place on the drag strip with a time of 10 seconds. They also came in 7th place for the sled pull with 290.9 feet and hit 1,853 HP on the dyno landing them in 9th place. They came in 8th place for the overall competition and are proud to be rebuilding the same truck to compete at UCC 2019!

Continuing to climb that ladder of diesel dominance in 2019. The Power Driven Diesel team came in 3rd overall only 100 points also separated him from the 2nd place spot. UCC 2020 is Power Driven Diesel fourth time to the show will this be the year they grab the gold ring?

2019 3rd Overall 

Drag (1/8 mile) – 6.551 Dyno 2,136.3/2,640.6 Sled – 326.25

2018 8th Overall

Drag 1/4 mile) – 10.002 Dyno – 1,853.5/2,294.8 Sled – 290.917

2017 17th Overall

Drag (1/4 mile) – 15.737 Dyno – 754/1,308 Sled – 321.02

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