Matt Greger

Matt Greger

Competing for his first time at the UCC Matt Greger and his time move up from the Qualifiers. Their truck is a 2002 Chevy 2500. The power plant is a 7.1L Stroker motor, all fuel injection is from S&S Diesel Motorsports, and Garrett turbo/s. In 2019 they brought the same truck but at the time it was a street truck weighing in at just under 7k lbs which made it difficult to compete at this level. However they lived and learned, over the winter did a full gut on the truck, redid the cage to a 25.6 cert, GTS fiberglass body panels, redid the whole suspension, and coming with different turbo set ups than last year! 

Matt has been involved in motorsports for roughly 6 years. What started as basic in-line tuners as a teenager has developed into full out race trucks! What got him into the sport, was growing up he always had an older friend group and they had gotten into building some hot street trucks and some weekend pullers and after tagging along to a couple events he instantly fell in love with performance, diesel performance specifically and over time started building his own trucks.

Matt does not own a performance shop. his day to day job is animal nutrition where I work alongside his dad in their family business Pike Feeds where they work with livestock producers in the midwest.  

However he does work closely with several companies to ensure his truck is as successful as possible. Starting with Orr’s Diesel because they are the backbone of this truck. Plus the help of SoCal Diesel, Hardway Performance, S&S Diesel Motorsport, Firepunk Diesel (specially Cody Fisher for answering my 1,001 questions), Unleashed, Daniel Performance Diesel, Ctt, and Pike Feeds. 

When asked why he wanted to compete in the 2020 UCC Mat said, “I want to compete at UCC because I find events like this so unique to compete in and so interesting to watch. The only gripe I had going to events growing up was that everything was class specific, limitations on cubic inches, power-adder size, tires, weight etc. Beyond safety requirements there are no rules for the Ultimate Callout Challenge. You can think of the craziest ideas and make them a reality. I’ve sat in the bleachers and watched as a spectator and now being a competitor myself. There’s no better feeling!”

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