Kodi Koch

Kodi Koch

Kodi Koch is joined the Ultimate Callout Challenge as a rookie UCC competitor in 2019. Koch is representing his Father’s business ‘Koch Electric’ out of Martinsville, Indiana with Indianapolis basically in his backyard. Koch was persuaded to join the UCC to see how he did competing against the best, building the truck himself. Koch has always liked working on cars and trucks, but his interest to have a decently powered diesel was in 2015 when he was looking for a reliable truck. He found a truck that made between 650 HP-700 HP that had a solid suspension strictly for pulling. Koch pulled those suspension stops off and decided to put the truck back on the road. After a few months went by, Koch realized the only good part on the engine were the heads and unfortunately the rest was trash. He decided to do what any diesel enthusiast would do and built his own engine to make it more reliable. From there, he put compound turbos on it and in 2016 started drag racing. By the end of the 2016 season, he broke an output shaft in the transmission and put a cage in it, managing to get the truck running from 13.4 seconds in a ¼ mile to 10.5 seconds all with mud tires. He teamed up with Dmitri Millard with No Zone Diesel to continue his passion for speed in the 2017 season. By the end of the 2017 racing season, Koch was running 10.2 seconds in the ¼ mile drag strip at 134 MPH.

This past season, Koch decided to focus on the biggest diesel events and only competed in the 2018 Diesel Power Challenge and Weekend on the Edge + UCC Qualifier Event. Koch worked long and hard to get his truck ready for DPC. Traveling from Indiana to Colorado, their team put the engine in on Wednesday, transmission in on Thursday, pulled the transmission back out on Friday due to a coolant leak, made it out to Colorado by Sunday and finished working on the truck in the hotel parking lot. When Kodi competed in the 2018 Diesel Power Challenge hosted by Diesel World Magazine, he was able to snag 5th place overall. At DPC he took 1st place on the dyno with 1,648 HP and 2,901 foot pounds of torque. He held the record for the fastest trailer tow finishing with 10.2 seconds in the ¼ mile at 79 MPH. At Weekend on the Edge + UCC Qualifier, Koch was a UCC qualifier and grabbed the 1st place overall spot earning his automatic invite to UCC 2019 as a UCC competitor. At WOTE + UCC Qualifier Event, Koch took 1st place in the drag racing portion, making it down the ¼ mile track in 6.440 seconds. On the dyno, he threw down 1,919.7 HP grabbing 1st place for that portion as well. Koch managed to make a hook of 197.56 feet taking 3rd place in the sled pulling portion, and ended with enough points to take that overall 1st place with 700 more points than the overall 2nd place holder.

After getting a taste for the UCC Kodi and his team are ready to return to the big stage 2020. They have a new game plan and look to move up in the standing this year.

2019 19th Place Overall

Drag (1/8 Mile) 5.823  Dyno 1,566.4 hp/1,785 tq Sled – DNC

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