Justin Andres

Justin Andres

Justin Andres is a two-time competitor of UCC hailing from North Dakota. Andres hopes to show that his JA Diesel Performance team and his 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 have what it takes to compete with the best of the best. Andres has the passion to compete against some of the best running trucks in North America to challenge himself to do his best as an underdog. Andres moved up to his first Common Rail Cummins in 2010 and in 2014 was having some troubles. That led him to reach out to Fleece Performance Engineering to check into Freedom Engine. At this point it was a personal hobby of playing with power and helping friends install performance parts. It then turned into a business that he now calls “JA Diesel Performance” and is working with great people in the industry to fuel his passion.

At the 2018 UCC Andres and his JA Diesel Team finished 19th overall. Unfortunately, they were only able to compete in the drag race portion because they cracked the deck of the block in a handful of places. Andres got down the ¼ mile track in 8.941 seconds putting him in 9th place that portion of the competition. In addition to Andres’ success at UCC, he has also won King of the Streets and took 2nd place at the ATS Diesel Gauntlet Challenge in 2017.

For UCC 2019, Andres’ Ram is powered by a Freedom Racing Engine 6.4L Cummins with a GT55 over a large custom atmo charger compounds. His set up had twin Dynomite Diesel Product 12mm CP3 and 100 LPM injectors alongside the Fleece Performance Engineering custom intake sidedraft. Justin showed in 2019 he and his team have what it takes to compete against the best in the country. They plan in 2020 to move up that leaders board and make a statement this year again.

2019 7th Place Overall

Drag (1/8) Mile – 6.279 Dyno – 2,268.5/3,176.5 Sled – 237.67

2018 19th Place Overall

Drag (1/4 mile) – 8.941 Dyno – DNC Sled – DNC

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