John Schirado

John Schirado

John and the GTS team took first overall in the 2019 UCC Qualifier showing they have what it take to compete in the UCC. Their 1997 Dodge Ram 2500. The engine is a p-pumped 7.1 liter Cummins based engine. With a solid Hamilton block, Diamond pistons, Wagler rods, a No Limit cam, Manton valve train, and a Farrell Diesel P-pump. They were running a set of big compound turbos last year at the UCC Qualifier but have since switched to a single turbo. This Year they are also going to try out nitrous which they were unable to use last year. The engine was blue printed and built in house. It’s made 1736hp, ran 5.7’s in the 1/8th mile, and only sled pulled one time at the UCC Qualifier last year.

John has been racing diesel trucks since 2008 but got a lot more serious about it in 2014 and raced with the NHRDA until they quit putting on events. They met a lot of people through the NHRDA and have been to races from as far north as Billings Montana all the way to Ennis Texas. They have raced in Bakersfield California and up until competing at UCC last year the farthest east they had been for racing was Tulsa Oklahoma. They won the “Heads Up Diesel” class at the Five R Truckfest last year. I’ve always had a passion for horsepower and working at my family diesel shop “Granby Truck Shop” gave me the skill set to make it possible to build a truck and compete in events like UCC. 

​John’s family shop is Granby Truck Shop. ​Built​ing​ the truck here with the help of our sponsors, friends, and family. If it wasn’t for ​his family supporting ​his racing addiction, building a truck to compete at UCC wouldn’t be possible. ​His wife(Kait), ​his dad(Kyle), and brother (Jacob) put up with things that only racing families understand(mom is very supportive as well). Working 12 hour days just to switch gears and build a racecar all night is not for everyone but ​he’s thankful they help ​him do it. ​HIs friends deal with the same thing. ​He’s lucky enough to have friends that will come help at the shop. Even if it’s polishing valve covers, gear housings, wheels, or even transmissions that’s less work for me! ​John always says “a clean truck is a fast truck” and people laugh until they see me pull out the buffer at 2 in the morning and go to work. The friends/family that stay for that make the difference! The sponsors helping ​them are pretty much the same people who have helped us since we started racing. Goerend Transmission, Farrell Diesel, CRT, and Power Driven Diesel all started helping us years ago. Manton Pushrods, Diamond Pistons, Mountain Machine, and Hott Bodz Fiberglass came later but really helped push things to the next level.

​When asked  why him and his team wanted to compete in the UCC here is what he said. “​UCC is a unique event and requires an extremely versatile team. I feel we fit those requirements very well and since the vast majority of the truck is built in house we can fix almost any problem that arises during the competition. The low number of rules makes the event very appealing to me as I feel it really drives ingenuity.​”​

2019 1st Place Overall UCC Qualifier

Drag (1/8) Mile – 5.720 Dyno 1,736.9 hp/2,420.6 tq Sled – 281.75

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