Frank Kuperman Jr

Frank Kuperman Jr

During their first Ultimate Callout Challenge in 2017, the team from RevMax Performance did what no one thought possible. They drove their competition truck to the Indianapolis event, competed in all three segments of the UCC competition and then drove the truck back home to North Carolina. The truck wasn’t the only 2WD truck to enter the competition but it was the only truck that competed with a 68RFE transmission. In fact, the team made it through the competition on the same transmission they started with, while many teams changed transmissions throughout the event. This showed that the crew at RevMax certainly knows how to build a stout 68RFE transmission. 

Kuperman and the RevMax Performance team worked with Midgets Diesel Performance on the build of the 6.7L Cummins engine reducing the stroke to make it a high-revving 6.4L powerhouse. Boost is created by a compound set-up using a pair of Stainless Diesel S475/S480 turbos. This develops plenty of boost and provides the engine with enough boost to keep up with the high performance fuel system. The fuel system is fed with large amounts of high pressure fuel through a pair of Fleece Performance Engineering 12mm stroker CP3s. While other trucks were radically reconfigured for the three segments of the Ultimate Callout Challenge 2017, Kuperman and the RevMax Performance crew stuck with what literally got them there and ran the truck in each event with only rear tire changes. They used a set of slicks to put the power to the drag strip, then returned to their street tires for the dyno runs. They then finished the event on an aggressive set of mud terrain dual tires on the rear axle for the sled pull placing the RevMax team in 11th place overall.

At our 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge, Kuperman hit the dyno and placed 16th with 1,146 HP and 1,541 foot pounds of torque. He then hit the ¼ mile drag strip and placed 18th with a time of 10.294 seconds, only .020 seconds behind reaching 17th place. In the sled pulling portion of the competition, Kuperman placed 20th and unfortunately wasn’t able to get a hook. 

Kuperman and his RevMax team are sponsored by RevMax Performance and also receive additional support from Higher Power Performance and Midgets Diesel Performance to get the most out of their 2WD Dodge. As they refine and improve upon the truck and their team efforts, they plan to tackle the 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge and prove that they can build a truck that they are able to drive to and from an event, as well as perform at the highest level at the race track. We are excited to see Kuperman and his truck drive all the way to Indy and compete in the 2020 UCC.

2019 23rd Place Overall

Drag (1/8) Mile – 8.361 Dyno – 1,322 hp/1,740.6 tq Sled – DNC

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