Dmitri Millard

Dmitri Millard

Dmitri Millard is one of the best known names in high power diesel competition especially dyno competition. He competed in the original Ultimate Callout Challenge in Salt Lake City, Utah back in 2016 but sat out the 2017 competition with his own truck, opting instead to lend his expertise to help a few other competitors during the event. 

As a past diesel competition veteran and champion that has continuously pushed the performance envelope of the Duramax engine platform Millard has seen his share of elation and disappointment both on dragstrips and on chassis dynos. He has recorded some of the quickest and fastest Duramax powered truck times and the highest Duramax dyno number at over 2,300 horsepower. He has also experienced blown tires and seen pieces of his engine scatter under the truck with catastrophic failure and the resulting fireball that goes with it. Undeterred, he continues to push the performance limits with the help of his crew at No Zone Diesel.

Coming back to the Ultimate Callout Challenge with the highest horsepower Duramax to date certainly gives Millard and his fans high expectations for the 2020 competition. Will the engine hold together for the entire weekend of demanding competition against the other top diesel challengers, and can he put all that Duramax power successfully to the ground on both the dragstrip and pull track?

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