Derek Rose

Derek Rose

Derek and his wife Nicole receive help and support from friends and family as well as their shop, DNR Customs. They also receive sponsorship and support from BD Diesel Performance, Diamond Pistons, Fleece Performance Engineering, Frank’s Transmission, Freedom Racing Engines, Hardway Performance, Dynomite Diesel, Trend Performance and Vibrant Performance to compete in the UCC as well as other competitions and events throughout the year.

2019 UCC Overall Champion

      Drag (1/8mile) – 5.444     Dyno – 2,503.2/967.123 Sled – 263.58

2018 2nd Place Overall

      Drag (1/4 mile) – 9.081     Dyno – 2,378.2/3,479.9 Sled – 301.25

2017 2nd Place Overall

      Drag (1/4 mile) – 9.164     Dyno – 2,047/2,778 Sled – 312.07

2016 5th Place Overall

     Drag (1/4 mile) – 9.464     Dyno – 2,044.9/2,788 Sled – 273.77

Back in 2016 at the inaugural UCC in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rose and his team finished in 5th place on the dyno with an incredible run of nearly 2,050 HP and almost 2,800 foot lbs. of torque. He then finished in 3rd place on the drag strip with a 9.4 second pass in the ¼ mile and in sled pulling he took 8th place with a pull of 277 feet. Finally, he took 5th place overall and went home knowing there was a lot more left to improve upon.

In 2017, Rose and the DNR Customs team came to Indianapolis as a force to be reckoned with, bringing Fleece Performance Engineering’s all aluminum billet engine that came to be known as the #billetbitch underneath the hood. At that time, it was an experimental engine featuring the Fleece Performance Engineering block and 12 valve billet head, engineered to be used in combination with a common rail fuel system. On the drag strip, Rose scrambled for traction, still managing to finish in 2nd place with a 9.1 second ¼ mile pass. When the truck was on the dyno it was the first to break the 2,000 HP mark, but ultimately finishing in 3rd. Knowing that with a good hook in the sled pull competition, he could take the overall win. He pushed the truck as hard as he could make it to the 310 foot mark creating the engine to explode into flames, leaving Rose with a 3rd place finish and 2nd overall for the event.

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