2019 UCC/DPIExpo Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased my tickets to UCC with an event shirt, when can I expect to receive it? Where can I order tickets to UCC? Are kids free? How do I print my tickets? I can’t find my email with my tickets, how can I retrieve them? Can I buy tickets at the gate? How do I obtain or use my $30 gift card from the Valentines promotion? Can I use a credit/debit card at the gate? Does my name have to be on the ticket? If I can’t go to UCC anymore, can I can get a refund? What if my wristband falls off or I lose it? I have questions about my ticket order, who do I contact? If I registered for the Show and Shine at UCC, what do I do? Will event shirts be available at UCC? Can I leave and come back in? Can I camp at Lucas Oil Raceway? What hotels can I stay at? Where can I find a list of the competitors at UCC? Where is UCC? Is parking free? Can I bring my pet to UCC? Can I bring my ATV/4X4/Golf Cart/4 Wheeler/Motorized vehicle to UCC? What if it rains? Can I bring a cooler to UCC? Is there food at UCC? Do you sell alcohol at UCC? Is there an ATM at Lucas Oil Raceway? Can I compete at UCC?

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