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Cory Witteveen

Cory Witteveen joined us at the Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018 as a UCC Qualifier and placed 3rd place overall earning his spot to UCC 2019 as a UCC Competitor. Witteveen will have the same 6.4 Cummins that he had at UCC 2018, which is the diesel truck he has had since age 18. Witteveen has been working on this one and only truck since the day he got it and plans to continue to make improvements to it as the years go on. We are excited to see what changes and upgrades Witteveen wants to make after UCC 2019. This truck was built by Witteveen and his buddy Cory with Delta Diesel Performance, who both have day jobs running their own businesses and families at home. The truck was built in Witteveens garage every single night after work for three months straight. Witteveen decided to join the UCC to be the ‘average joe’ who had the opportunity to compete with the biggest shops in the industry in all three events.

UCC 2018 went very well for Witteveen and his Witteveen Fleet Maintenance (WFM) Team. They claim it was the first time the truck drove under its own power. They made it down the ¼ mile drag strip in 11.123 seconds taking 15th place in the drag racing portion of UCC. On the dyno, Witteveens truck was able to make 1,397.3 HP, good enough for 4th place. Witteveen came out strong and grabbed 1st place in the sled pulling portion by dragging the sled 282.5 feet, over 12 feet farther than 2nd place. Witteveen and his WFM Team were very happy with how they performed and placed at UCC 2018.

The WFM Team is spending this winter ironing out some issues to have a more competitive truck for UCC 2019. They are bringing the same 6.4 12 valve Cummins. They plan on changing up the turbo charger system to get better results in the drag racing and dyno competition. They will also be getting a new converter to help with 60’ times. Witteveen and his WFM Team are supported by Jeff at Action Transmission, Cory at Delta Diesel Performance and Richard at RPS Diesel. We are very excited to see Witteveen and his WFM Team perform at UCC May 3 - 5, 2019.


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