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Josh Scruggs

Josh Scruggs and his Triple Hart Repair and Fab Team has stepped up their game in the diesel performance industry by purchasing a very special 2006 Dodge truck. Scruggs has officially purchased Lavon Miller’s 3 time UCC Champion truck. Scruggs promises to keep the “spirit” of this truck alive by competing at UCC 2019. Scruggs has always worked and tinkered with cars and trucks and taking them down the track for fun. Eventually he got into the diesel scene and saw the opportunity to compete. He ventured out to truck pulling, but made his way back to drag racing. Scruggs was planning on purchasing a truck for the 2019 season when all the sudden his plans fell into palce and he got ahold of this truck. Scruggs is very excited (and nervous) to have the opportunity to build and run this truck and continue his passion for many years to come.

Scruggs has previously followed the ODSS racing series in the 5.90 Outlaw class. He grabbed third place at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza and made some changes to make an appearance at Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam. Scruggs snagged first place at Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam, taking home an exciting and surprising win. With his new truck, Scruggs plans to race a couple of years in the Pro Street class with ODSS and eventually make his way up into other classes as he grows as a racer.

Scruggs is throwing in a 6.4 motor from Industrial Injection Diesel Performance for UCC 2019. Scruggs is supported by Triple Hart Repair and Fab, Industrial Injection, Firepunk Diesel, Hot Shot’s Secret, BD Diesel Performance and Chaos Fabrication. Scruggs is developing a strong list of sponsors to live up to the name this truck has and to build it up to an exciting future. Join us May 3 - 5 at UCC at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana to see how Scruggs performs with his 3 time champion truck.


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