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As the builder, owner and driver of the fastest Power Stroke diesel dragster, Dan Snyder and his Carmichaels, PA based Snyder Performance Engineering team had high hopes for their rookie year at the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge competition. They were shooting for the win or at least to finish as the top finishing Ford Power Stroke truck with their freshly built 2010 Super Duty competition truck. Unfortunately, the 2017 UCC turned out to be a very large challenge for Snyder and his SPE team. The first day of competition on the drag strip he was caught without a pass in the books and a late round oil down that wasn’t cleaned up before the rain came. This caused him to start the competition with a goose egg on the scorecard. But rather than burying his head in the ground, they headed back to the shop and persevered with his gorgeous 2010 Ford Super Duty entering the remaining competitions. Snyder struggled to put down the number he wanted on the UCC chassis dyno but still managed to deliver 1,400 HP and 1,933 foot pounds of torque, landing him in 13th. Moving to the pull track the next day, He made a hook of 183.11 feet landing him 16th place for the sled pull portion of the competition. The combined results left the SPE team in 21st position for the overall.

Needless to say, Snyder and his team were out for redemption at their second UCC in 2018. Their deep blue Ford is completely built in house including the engine, transmission, exotic triple turbo setup, chassis and even the beautiful paint work on the Super Duty. The truck is powered by a 2017 7.0L Scorpion 6.7L based Power Stroke engine with a triple turbo setup using a pair of S488s sitting out in front of the engine. The 488s feed into a single valley mounted S588 turbo to make sure that the big Ford has more than enough air for their power desires. To get the power from the engine to the driveline, Snyder relies on a heavily modified Ford 4R100 transmission that they built in house to hold up to the rigorous demands of UCC competition. They also configured the chassis to accept solid suspension and a DRW rear axle for the sled pull. Snyder and his team ended up placing 21st overall at their second UCC competition. He and his team didn’t make it to the dyno nor the sled pulling portion of the competition, but placed themselves 14th on the drag strip with a time of 9.418 seconds on the ¼ mile.

Snyder has the great support of his family, friends and the shop team along with the help from their sponsors including CP Carrillo, Diesel Performance Converters, Exergy, Fluidampr, Fuelab, Hoffman Auto Body, Ontork and Vibrant. While 2017 and 2018 did not go as planned, Snyder and his SPE team will have had a year to plot their UCC redemption in 2019. No doubt that he will work out the issues in his truck and it will perform up to his hopes and expectations to make the large contingent of Power Stroke Ford fans proud. We can’t wait to see what Snyder and his SPE team have up their sleeves at our 4th annual Ultimate Callout Challenge May 3rd-5th 2019!


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