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Aaron Rudolf is a successful business owner that is able to juggle his family responsibilities as well as the needs of his business and his passion for diesel motorsports. On the diesel motorsports side, he is apart of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series and hosts two of the largest diesel events in the country. As if that wasn’t enough, he also finds time to slip behind the wheel and compete in his custom 2008 Ford F-250 as well. To deliver UCC worthy power levels with his 6.4L Power Stroke engine, the Rudy’s team built the engine with the best parts they could possibly find and capped it off with a massive triple turbo compound setup. The engine is backed by a Dodge 48RE transmission to handle the high output Power Stroke.

Rudolf and his team put the first Power Stroke truck into the 9’s on the dragstrip and have also laid claim to the most powerful 2WD Power Stroke truck. Their truck is now the world’s fastest Power Stroke truck and he competes in sanctioned diesel drag races with his 4WD F-250 on a regular basis. He was also one of the original Ultimate Callout Challenge competitors with the truck finishing 3rd on the dyno with 1,987 HP and 12th place on the drag strip with 10.93 seconds. However, Rudolf and his team suffered a catastrophic failure that kept them out of the sled pull competition in 2016, but still left the Rudy’s Performance Parts team with a solid 17th place finish overall.

For Rudolf’s second UCC in 2017, he and his team came back strong for a 10th place finish on the drag strip with a time of 10.2 seconds. With a hurt engine before laying down over 1,100 HP on the chassis dyno, the engine seized due to zero oil pressure. The team worked on the truck overnight replacing the engine as well as reconfiguring the truck for the sled pull. Rudolf ended up making a hook of a little under 250 feet placing him in 13th for that portion of the competition. He secured 9th place overall in the competition and worked his way up the totem pole from 2016 UCC. Unfortunately Rudolf did not compete last year at UCC 2018, but he and his team are not willing to rest, but instead continue to push the performance level of his Power Stroke diesel machine. Rudolf and his Rudy’s team plan to completely rework the truck in the off season to significantly improve every aspect of the truck. Knowing the amazing work the team has delivered in the past, we have high expectations for the next revision and look forward to seeing what Rudolf and his Ford will deliver at our 4th annual Ultimate Callout Challenge on May 3rd-5th 2019!


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