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Anthony Reams

Anthony Reams… that name sounds familiar. Most diesel enthusiasts relate Anthony Reams with XDP (Xtreme Diesel Performance), as he still works there, but recently sold the XDP truck to Curt at St. James Diesel Performance in Missouri. Anthony competed with this truck at UCC 2017 and was invited back to compete with it in 2018, but declined his invite. Just months before UCC 2018, Anthony was invited back to drive the same truck, except Curt owned it now. After what Reams calls “two rough years”, they can’t wait to get the truck in tip top shape to make a solid appearance in 2019.

This doesn’t happen very often, where you sell your truck, but still get to be the driver. This is a dream come true for Reams as he is busy selling parts to the top diesel shops working at XDP and spending quality time with his young family. Reams didn’t jump on the diesel train as soon as he was around them in high school and college, but instead found a hobby in ATV’s. Eventually he had the means to invest in his first diesel truck and claims “ from there it spiraled out of control”. Right now, Reams, Curt and the team at St. James Diesel Performance are trying to go as big as they possibly can to make the best truck in the industry. Reams gives a lot of credit to Curt and his team at St. James Diesel Performance for busting their butts to take the truck to the next level. Sometimes they spend their free evenings having wing eating contests at the local wing joint where they plan their attack for UCC 2019.

This truck is a 1995 Dodge 2500 with a steel body, full factory frame with factory leaf springs. It has been converted to a 6.7 Cummins common rail engine with triple 12mm CP3 pumps, triple turbo setup, Dynomite Diesel Products Injectors and tuning from Done Right Diesel Performance. This truck has set multiple NHRDA records for MPH and ET. This truck and team were the first 6,000 pound leaf spring truck running 8 second passes back in 2016 at the Industrial Injection Diesel Performance event. You can see this truck and team at pretty much any diesel event whether it be ODSS or just at a local track.

At the 2017 UCC, Reams was able to compete in the drag race and dyno portion of the event and ended in 23rd place overall. He placed 19th in the drag racing portion making it down the track in 15.579 seconds. On the dyno, Reams threw down 1,197 HP placing himself in 17th for that portion of the event. Maybe it was the last minute decision to compete and they forgot to put some important part in the truck, but Reams and the St. James Diesel Performance Team were only able to make it down the drag strip at UCC 2018. Their black and red freshly sandblasted machine made it down the ¼ mile track in 9.060 seconds, placing them in 10th place for that portion of the event. We have no doubt that Reams would have placed in the top half of the overall competition if he was able to compete in the dyno and sled pull portion. But, unfortunately, they were not and ended up in 20th overall.

For UCC 2019, they will be bringing back water/air intercooler and transmission and converter changes. They have big goals coming into the 2019 season and hope to break more records. His 2019 season is sponsored by St. James Diesel Performance, XDP, Dynomite Diesel Products and Done Right Diesel. We hope that Reams is able to bring as much game to UCC 2019 as he does to their weekly wing eating contests. We are excited to see the big changes that have been made to the truck to see Anthony redeem himself.


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