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Jess Hardessen established Husker Diesel in 2007 and close to 11 years later, Husker Diesel boasts one of the most advanced diesel pickup repair, performance, and diagnostic facilities in the country. Hardessen is a two-time UCC competitor, with more than eight years of sled pulling and drag racing experience. Hardessen has been in the drag racing scene since 2009 and had an LBZ-powered super street truck that he eventually sold so he could focus on sled pulling. Since 2009 he’s had a dedicated pulling truck which started with a regular cab 2001 3500 Chevy. At the 2016 UCC, Husker placed 9th overall, with 1,867.6 HP and 2,706.8 foot pounds of torque. They then placed 4th with 9.468 seconds on the drag strip, and a hook of 235.25 feet.

The first year of UCC treated them well, but at UCC 2017 they were plagued by some major engine problems that torpedoed Husker Diesel’s chances to remain competitive.They purchased a 2016 Chevy 2500HD, a wrecked HVAC service truck from California that had 14,000 miles on it. They got rid of its factory 6.0 gas powertrain and dropped a Cummins engine and transmission into it. The engine comes courtesy of Industrial Injection and Randy’s Transmission, providing a 48RE that’s equipped to handle everything Husker Diesel could throw at it. Ben Shadday from Done Right Diesel took care of the chassis setup and tuning calibrations, while the Husker Diesel team handled the rest. All of the fabrication, design, wiring and chassis work was also done in house. Other additions to the truck included nitrous and water injection as well as Cobra Series fuel injectors fed from II XP injection pumps.

Hardessen and his Husker Diesel team were back with a brand new truck to take on the 2018 UCC competition. Husker has had great success with their Duramax program, but this past year they were ready to try something completely different. Hardessen placed 9th overall in the competition with 2,076.44 points. They hit the ¼ mile drag strip and placed 12th with a time of 9.246 seconds. He then placed 14th in the sled pulling portion of the competition with a hook of 255.58 feet, only 4 feet from reaching 13th place. On the dyno, Hardessen placed 8th with a total of 1,816 HP and 2,469 foot pounds of torque. We can’t wait to see what Hardessen and his Husker Diesel team have to offer at our 4th annual UCC May 3rd-5th 2019!


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