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Sam Gabel

Sam Gabel, rookie UCC Competitor is representing Daniel Performance Diesel out of Tiffin, Ohio where he is technician. Gabel found his passion for the industry when his parents took him to local truck pulls. After the first one it was a snowball effect for Gabel and he wanted to go to every pull he could find. When UCC came around, he followed the series and has been hooked ever since. He knew he was going to compete after we announced the UCC Qualifier portion of the event. He signed up trying to push the 6.4L platform.

Sam is a two-time UCC Qualifier who competed at UCC 2018 and the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier. Sam competed at UCC 2018 as a UCC Qualifier hoping and fighting for the invite to UCC 2020. Unfortunately, Sam was not able to snag that invite. He ran down the ¼ mile drag race track in 11.640 seconds and put down 1,376.6 HP on the dyno. After the second day at UCC 2018, his team found the engine hurting and couldn’t justify swapping a spare just for the sled pull.

After UCC 2018, Gabel did not let his 18th overall placement hold him back from competing as a UCC Qualifier at the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier at Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons, Indiana. Sam was waiting on a set of pistons for his built engine to compete at the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier, but they never showed up so he put a stock engine in it out of a plow truck. The bottom end was untouched with 288,000 miles topping it off with his fuel and air setup on it, just to compete. At the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier, Gabel ended Saturday with the top place finish after the dyno and drag racing porting, putting him at a pretty good chance of earning that spot to UCC 2019 as a UCC Competitor on Sunday after the sled pull. The BD Auto & Diesel Team ended the Wagler Event + UCC Qualifier with 1st place on the dyno with 1,331 HP, 2nd place in the drag racing portion making it down the ⅛ mile track in 6.751 seconds and taking 3rd place in the sled pull portion only making it 64.87 feet before his front weight box fell off placing him in 3rd place overall. After two drivetrain failures, Gabel and his team have learned a lot about what can work and what doesn’t work. Gabel gained some new knowledge and plans on being extremely prepared to compete as a UCC Competitor in 2019!

At UCC 2019, Gabel plans on running a 2008 F-250 that started off as an oil field truck based out of Michigan. Gabel is a diehard Ford guy, so he kept the 6.4 power plant in it. They have struggled to find a good mixture of parts for longevity at this kind of power level, but they are happy to have finally found a good setup. Sam gets support from Daniel Performance Diesel, Jeb Modern Machine, Maverick Diesel, Nitrous Express, Yukon Gear and Axle and Wyse Auto Repair LLC. We have enjoyed watching Gabel work for his spot at UCC 2019 as a UCC Competitor and are excited to see what he will bring to the table at the 4th annual Ultimate Callout Challenge May 3rd - 5th, 2019.


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