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Known as the Canadian Redneck, Shawn Ellerton and his DKG Racing team are four-time competitors in the Ultimate Callout Challenge ready to “send it.” At UCC 2016, Ellerton earned 16th place overall with 1,426.936 points. He placed 17th in the drag race portion with a 11.448 second ¼ mile pass, 19th on the dyno with 1,365.7 HP and 1,930.1 foot pounds of torque and also managed to pull the sled 163.23 feet placing him in 15th.

At UCC 2017 and UCC 2018, Ellerton ran a triple turbo set up to see if they could spool a s488 as a single for the drag racing portion of UCC. Ellerton hopes to run lower boost number like 60 psi instead of 130 psi, like previous years. Ellerton thinks that it alone would help drop intake temperatures and lower cylinder pressure to try to keep the old girl alive. If that works, he will run it at UCC 2019. Ellerton said he would put the triples back on for the dyno and sled pulls to get that low-end torque back up. NAPC 5R110 really started to work great for the DKG Team at UCC 2018 when Innovative Diesel tuned the truck to launch in 2nd gear, cutting out that short shift from the low 1st gear in the transmision. At UCC 2018, they lost oil pressure during the sled pulls and it took out all the main bearings. The DKG Team finally got the chassis to stick and cut good 60fts without hopping all over the place at UCC 2018.

After UCC 2018, Ellerton and his DKG Team did a quick crank and bearing swap and attended BD Diesel Performance Spring Dyno Day where they took home 1st place in the unlimited class. In September 2018 at Ram Tuff Dyno Day, they received a trophy for best carnage. After the Canadian Redneck did a dyno pull the truck lost oil pressure, but it wasn’t enough to take home the carnage trophy. However, they backed off the dyno and did a massive burn out which finished her off, earning them the carnage trophy.

Ellerton and his team plan to attend races in March to do some testing before UCC. They have always seemed to show up last minute, but they want this year to be different. For the last three consecutive years, the DKG Team has managed to finish mid pack at UCC. As Ellerton stated “for a 6 leaker build by some rednecks in northern Canada we are happy.” For UCC 2019, they plan to place within the top 10 overall with minimal carnage for the first time ever. Ellerton’s engine setup will consist of Wagler Competition Products rods, Diamond Pistons, Colt stage 3 cam, a FICM that will allow them to turn the motor to 5,000 RPM. Warren Diesel Injection sent them a set of injectors that will flow fuel, or at least they should with the garden hole size nozzles on them.

Ellerton and his DKG Team receive support from BD Diesel Performance (“The best part of BD is the BD Chick, Georgina”), Warren Diesel Injection (“DKG and Warren have become like long lost cousins”), Innovative Diesel, NAPC and Impact Diesel Performance from Saskatoon. Ellerton is very impressed with all his sponsors for stepping up to make changes. As Brett, owner of Industrial Injection Diesel Performance said, “where he lacks competition, he makes up in entertainment.” We look forward to seeing the show that Ellerton and his team can put on at our 4th annual UCC 2019!


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