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Wade Boyd was a rookie to join the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge in hopes of knocking the veterans off the podium and taking his place among the diesel performance elite. Although Boyd is only in his second year of UCC, he is not new to the diesel performance scene. Boyd started his diesel career with a 2002 Duramax named “Blue Angel”. Boyd has spent the last 14 years competing with Duramax trucks in every aspect; drag racing, truck pulls, and dynos. Boyd has set multiple records over the years and has no desire to stop pushing the limit on the Duramax engines!

Boyd is representing Diesel Day Dreams in Northglenn, Colorado where they build their own competition engines, transmissions and turbo setups for customer trucks as well as their own race trucks. They also handle their own tuning for both engine and transmission performance which will help the DDD team to quickly get their truck dialed in. You can find Boyd and his DDD Team competing at Truck Fest, Super Street Car Challenge, Raceweek, Super Chevy Show and many more truck and racing events!

At UCC 2018, Boyd earned 23rd place overall, only competing in the drag race portion of the event. Boyd made it down the ¼ mile track in 10.709 seconds placing him in 20th place. Unfortunately, Boyd was not able to compete in the dyno or sled pull because they ended up spinning the crankshaft reluctor wheel bolts off because of the high RPM on their second run. It lost crank signal and suddenly shut down the engine during the run and caused a pressure backup in their cooling system and popped the plastic end cap off the radiator. Boyd and his DDD Team have addressed these issues for UCC 2019 and plan to set Duramax Allison Transmission combo records for a full size truck on the dragstrip! For UCC 2019, Boyd and his DDD Tem have changed to Wagler Competition Products heads to eliminate weight and cooling system issues that seem to be holding the truck back from its full potential. Boyd will be running his 2001 Chevrolet Duramax standard cab short bed 4x4, Diesel Day Dreams build Duramax 6.6. Boyd is supported by Diesel Day Dreams, Wagler Competition Products, Dynomite Diesel Products, Dirty Hooker Diesel, Manton Pushrods, FASS Fuel Systems, Suncoast Performance, Granby Truck Shop, Trend Performance and Exergy Performance. We are excited to see how Boyd brings the heat with his DDD team. Join the action May 3 - 5 at the annual Ultimate Callout Challenge at Lucas Oil Raceway!


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