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Shawn Baca is one of the most well known names in the diesel performance world. His trucks Master Shredder and Master Shredder 2 have been a couple of the highest chassis dyno horsepower trucks out there. As the lead engine technician at Industrial Injection Diesel Performance, Baca knows his way around a diesel engine and knows how to make good power, especially with a Cummins. The engine in his truck is a 6.7L Shredder Series engine with all of the necessary internal modifications and upgrades to handle extreme power. He configured the engine to receive a high boost intake charge from a triple turbo compound setup. The Shredder Cummins engine is backed by a B&J 4-speed transmission to handle the power while providing quick shifts and low parasitic loss.

At our first annual UCC in 2016, Baca finished in 15th place on the dragstrip with an 11.23 second run. He also placed 6th in the sled pull competition with a hook of 300.91 feet. His strongest area in the competition was on the dyno, placing 1st with 2,474 HP. Baca took 3rd place overall and came back in 2017 to try and take the 1st place spot. In 2017, Baca and his team took 13th place overall with a strong 1st place win on the dyno making 2,447 HP. They had a few issues on the drag strip, placing them in 19th with a 12.288 second pass. In the sled pulling portion, they placed 18th with a 81.07 foot hook.

In 2018, Baca and his team made a tremendous comeback. He and his dedicated team placed 3rd overall. They hit the dragstrip and placed 7th with an 8.883 second pass. He finished 3rd on the dyno and maxed out at 2,391 HP. In the sled pulling part of the competition, he finished 2nd with a hook of 324 feet, about 243 feet further than he achieved in 2017. We can’t wait to see what Baca and his team have up their sleeves for this year!

Baca and his dedicated team receive the help and support of sponsors including: Aeromotive, ARP Fasteners, Beans Diesel, CP-Carrillo, Diamond Pistons, FASS Fuel Systems, Hamilton Cams, Hardway Performance, Nitrous Express, Pure Diesel Power, RKL Diesel, Schmidt Body and Paint, Trend Performance, TS Performance, Valair Clutch and Yukon Gear & Axle. We look forward to seeing if Baca and his team have what it takes to steel the 1st place spot at our annual UCC 2019!


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