Chris Buhidar
Truck Source Diesel

Chris Buhidar - Truck Source Diesel

Chris Buhidar Truck Source Diesel

  • Place: 4
  • Drag: 8.570
  • Dyno: 2238.2/2802.4
  • Sled Pull: 293.5

Chris Buhidar

Chris Buhidar may be a rookie to Ultimate Callout Challenge competition but he is a veteran racer and diesel performance wizard of the highest order. Buhidar and his Truck Source Diesel team have been working together since 2005 in their 10,000 square foot shop in San Antonio, Texas working on all makes and models of diesel trucks. They have also successfully campaigned their Cummins-powered 2000 Ford F-350 for the last several years winning the 2015, 2016 and 2017 NHRDA Super Street National Championships as well as the 2016 World Championship.

The 6,380-pound Ford was the first Super Duty truck with factory frame and factory rear suspension to run a 9.0-second pass and was also the first to dip into the 8s with an 8.97-second pass. 2017 was a great year for Buhidar and his team as they won 7 of the 8 NHRDA events they competed in taking the championship despite missing two events.

Rather than stick with the 7.3L Power Stroke engine that the 2000 Ford was delivered with they swapped it out with a 5.9L Cummins engine from a 2006 Dodge Ram. The Cummins currently receives its compressed intake charge from a set of triple Engineered Turbos in a compound arrangement with a pair of S477s for atmospheric turbos and an S475 on the manifold, but that setup will likely be upgraded to a larger set of Engineered Turbos to flow even more air before the UCC rolls around in May. A precision Turbo air-to-water intercooler is used to keep the intake charge temperatures in check while the truck is making big power.

To keep up with all that airflow Buhidar relies on a custom lift pump system the team developed with a FuelLab pump that sends the fuel up to a pair of S&S Diesel Motorsport 12mm CP3 high pressure pumps. The high pressure fuel is then delivered to a set of S&S 450% over injectors that will likely be replaced by an even larger set before the UCC to keep up with the planned additional airflow. While he has not had an accurate measurement on torque he has dynoed the truck to the tune of 1,650 HP with his current configuration and estimates that torque would probably be around 2,200 to 2,400 but he expects more of both with his new UCC turbo and fuel setup. To squeeze a little more oomph out of the Cummins Buhidar has been spraying it with around 80-100 HP worth of nitrous oxide, but the volume of laughing gas is likely to be increased in May.

The stout Cummins is backed by a 4R100 Ford transmission that was given a top shelf performance build by the crew at Brian’s Truck Shop to handle all the power and stress that the Cummins dishes out. From the transmission power travels to the transfer case where it is split and sent to the front and rear axles to put the power to the ground and send the big heavy Ford flying down the track.

In addition to support from his shop Truck Source Diesel; Buhidar and his team also receive sponsorship and support from Brian’s Truck Shop, Engineered Turbo, One Up Off-Road, Parks Engine Service, S&S Diesel and SoCal Diesel for their drag race efforts as well as their rookie season in UCC competition. It will be great to see the seasoned racer and his Fummins lined up to compete against the biggest and baddest trucks in the diesel world and we look forward to seeing what he will do when the rubber hits the track, rollers and dirt May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!


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