Joshua Gruis

Joshua Gruis - JAGS PRO

Joshua Gruis JAGS PRO

  • Place: 10
  • Drag: 8.748
  • Dyno: 1721.2/1984.3
  • Sled Pull: 268.417

Joshua Gruis

Josh Gruis was a rookie at the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge, but the President of Jag’s Pro Truck Shop in Zimmerman, MN did not let his rookie status hold him back from delivering the goods in the competition. After diesel drag racing with the truck in Super Street for many years successfully, Gruis opted to go for it in UCC competition to prove that he and his small team had what it takes to compete with the best. So in 2017 the small Minnesota shop brought their steel bodied/full frame 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 drag truck down to Indianapolis and competed with the big names of diesel performance on the world stage in the second UCC.

Gruis and his team at Jag’s Pro Truck Shop built the truck in every aspect with their own hands with tons of blood, sweat and tears along the way. They did not simply order an engine, turbo setup, fuel system and transmission then assemble the pieces to make a go fast truck, the team built it all themselves in-house. The engine is a 6.4L Cummins that is built to handle the rigors of UCC competition on the track while churning out plenty of power on the dyno. A “big” set of compound turbos comprising of a BorgWarner primary feeding a Garrett secondary to provide the air to keep up with an equally “big” fuel system that uses a pair of high flow Industrial Injection CP3s and large Industrial Injection fuel injectors with a nitrous oxide assist for more oomph when needed.

With the help of some parts sponsorship from Goerend Transmission Gruis and his team built a strong 48RE Dodge transmission to hold up to the power from the Cummins race engine and the heavy steel truck. While competing at the 2017 UCC Gruis was able to bang through the gears to the tune of a 9.797 second pass that landed him in 7th place after the first day of competition. Then on the chassis dyno he finished in 11th place with nearly 1,400 HP and more than 2,150 lbs-ft of torque put to the rear wheels as the very first truck to make a competition run on the dyno Saturday morning. He finished UCC 2017 with a 286-foot pull that yielded an 8th place finish for the day and a 6th place overall finish.

Gruis and his team plan to attack the Ultimate Callout Challenge once again for 2018 armed with their 2017 experience and after making fine tuning tweaks to the truck they expect to climb higher in the ranking in individual events as well as in the overall. With their Minnesota work ethic and build-it-yourself racing attitude we expect good things from the Jag’s Pro Truck Shop team as they tackle the UCC in 2018. Of course we don’t know if their sophomore effort will fulfill their hop of a higher finish or not, but we certainly look forward to finding out when the rubber hits the track, rollers and dirt May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!


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