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Chase Fleece

Fleece Performance Engineering of Brownsburg, Indiana is a name that is synonymous with diesel performance having built major event and championship winning trucks for several customers throughout the years in both drag racing and sled pulling. The shop and its team are led by brothers Chase and Brayden Fleece and once again Chase Fleece will slip behind the wheel for the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge. While Fleece’s name does not appear in the record books he has competed in the UCC since the beginning winning the 2016 sled pull competition by nearly 13-feet in the Ryan Milliken entry.

In 2017 the team decided to field an entry for themselves with Chase Fleece serving as the driver of record in what would be a “home game” for the team with the race track just a few miles away from their shop. Unfortunately a broken transmission sprag on the first pass with ace drag racer Ryan Milliken behind the wheel doomed their chances for an overall win in the competition. With Fleece taking it easy on the truck knowing they did not have a chance at the overall, he still put down 1,855 HP and 2,576 lbs-ft of torque to take 5th place in the dyno competition. Then Jordan Kinderman drove the truck in honor of his mom Kay in the sled pull finishing in 7th place giving Fleece 15th place overall despite scoring points in only two of the three competitions.

The Fleece Performance team is determined to redeem themselves and put their truck at the top of the leaderboard in the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge and they certainly have the skill, determination and experience to win it all. A 7.0L 427 Competition Cummins built by their Freedom Racing Engines division is the powerhouse found under the hood of Fleece’s 2006 Dodge Ram. Airflow into and out of the big Cummins is currently handled by a trio of Forced Inductions turbos with a massive 102mm GT55 on the manifold and a pair of 88mm GT5018 turbos sucking air in from the atmosphere. To keep up with all of that airflow they turned to Dynomite Diesel Products for a set of their 800% over Super Mental injectors. A trio of FPE 13mm PowerFlo CP3 high pressure pumps deliver massive quantities of #2 to the injectors while four stages of nitrous oxide are along for the ride for additional power on demand. Fleece also uses a Snow Performance water/meth kit to help keep everything in check. As impressive as the engine combination sounds the Fleece team is looking at upgrading to deliver even more power in 2018!

To tailor their truck to each aspect of the UCC competition the Cummins will be backed by a SunCoast/FPE collaboration 48RE-based 4-speed automatic transmission with many custom touches for the drag race and dyno competition. Then the team will swap out the auto for a manual NV4500 based manual transmission modified by ProFab for 3-speed operation with a Haisley Machine 4-disc pulling clutch.

Of course Chase Fleece is backed with the support of Fleece Performance Engineering and Freedom Racing Engines but the team also receives support and sponsorship from AutoDesk, B&J, Browell, Diamond Pistons/Trend, Dynomite Diesel Products, Fluidampr, Haas, Hamilton Cams, Lucas Oil, OZ Tuner, Quick Drive and SunCoast Performance for their stout Dodge Ram competition truck. The 6-man road crew for the team’s UCC effort has more than 50 years of combined experience at Fleece Performance Engineering alone and they look to turn their experience, determination and home-field advantage into podium finishes at the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge. We look forward to seeing what they will bring to the table this year and what the truck will do when the rubber hits the track, rollers and dirt May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!


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