Mike Graves
Hollyrock Customs

Mike Graves - Hollyrock Customs

Mike Graves Hollyrock Customs

  • Place: 7
  • Drag: 9.555
  • Dyno: 1385/1811
  • Sled Pull: 275.11
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Mike Graves

Hailing from Hollywood, MD Mike Graves Owner of Hollyrock Customs and his crew have made a name for themselves as being one of only a few to take the Allison transmission into the 9’s at the dragstrip. What’s impressive here is that they’ve done it in a full crew cab truck, not a stripped down bare bones drag race chassis. Not only does it take an extreme amount of horsepower to pull off times like that, but to have the expertise required to keep an Allison happy and running consistent at that level takes nothing short of a magician. You can bet this team will be ready to run with the best of them in all three events, making horsepower and putting it to the ground is something they know how to get done…no questions there.


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