Justin Hyatt
Husker Diesel

Nebraska is most famous as corn country, but what some may not know is it’s also home to one of the top diesel performance shops in the Midwest, Husker Diesel. Justin Hyatt’s Duramax powered drag truck proved it belonged in the conversation as to who has built the top diesel in the country after making monstrous numbers on the dyno and doing well at both the dirt and sled pull tracks. Building upon his knowledge of what it takes to win the UCC, Hyatt will use the help of his crew to create and even more competitive Duramax masterpiece for 2017. With a strong mechanical background in just about everything diesel, the Husker Diesel crew can build, fabricate, and dial in a chassis for maximum potential in all three arenas of the event.

2017 UCC Results

22nd Place

Day 1: Drag Race

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 2: Dyno Day

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 3: Sled Pull

Did Not Compete In This Event

Overall Power


1/4 Mile Time






Pull Distance

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