Jaran Holder
Holder Down Performance

Jaran Holder of Holder Down Performance from Lexington, KY is another 2017 competitor looking for redemption after having to turn down his invitation to UCC 2016. As builders of one of the country’s fastest Ford Power Strokes, the Holder Down 9-second 6.0L has already proven it belongs on the track next to even the fastest 4wd Duramax and Cummins powered rigs. With plans of running a massive compound turbo setup paired with more than enough fuel and nitrous to send this thing into orbit, the regular cab truck should put on an impressive show at the dragstrip. Adding weight for the sled pull event and dialing in the NX nitrous setup for the dyno competition should help make him a contender here as well.

2017 UCC Results

12th Place

Day 1: Drag Race

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 2: Dyno Day

Dyno Run HP Torque Score

Day 3: Sled Pull

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