Craig Briggs
Maryland Diesel

Known primarily as a Power Stroke performance shop, Maryland Diesel did pretty well at UCC 2016 with their 6.7L Power Stroke truck, especially considering the truck had been together less than an hour before loading up for the long haul out to Utah for the event. Owner, Craig Briggs, has proven he can make horsepower with the Power Stroke platform with over 1600hp charts to prove it. It’s just a matter of getting that power to hook on the dirt and asphalt tracks. Maryland Diesel has branched out into the Cummins market and has a low 10-second Dodge in the stable as well, so who knows what they’ll be bringing for their second try at UCC.

2017 UCC Results

th Place

Day 1: Drag Race

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 2: Dyno Day

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 3: Sled Pull

Did Not Compete In This Event

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