Ashley Black
Blacks Diesel Performance

Some of you may recognize the Blacks Diesel Performance name from the drag scene. Owner Ashley Black is the guy that pilots the little green common rail truck that packs the front tires two feed in the air off the line. Yeah, that guy. Running a custom cast 6.7L Cummins block de-stroked to a 6.4L, the triple Borg Warner turbochargers, 500% Exergy injectors and custom nitrous kit should be more than enough to push the limits in every event. With their sights set on that 2000hp mark, this team has the knowledge and motivation to crush records and take home trophies.

2017 UCC Results

27th Place

Day 1: Drag Race

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 2: Dyno Day

Did Not Compete In This Event

Day 3: Sled Pull

Did Not Compete In This Event

Overall Power


1/4 Mile Time






Pull Distance

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