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Jeremy Wagler - Wagler competition Products

Most diesel enthusiasts and performance aficionados would tend to agree that the best truck to tackle a competition involving drag racing, sled pulling and dyno measurement would be a 4WD. Well, Jeremy Wagler is different than most people and he chose to attack the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge with a totally different animal in the form of a turbo AND supercharged Duramax based 2WD truck affectionately known as the “ShopTruck”. The unorthodox approach Wagler and his team from Wagler Competition Products finished the truck just before the 2017 UCC competition and headed to Indianapolis with an untested machine that was the talk of the town drawing huge crowds in the pits as well as on the track. Of course it didn’t hurt in the popularity department that the truck was piloted down the dragstrip by Farmtruck of Street Outlaws fame.

The 500-cubic inch (8.2L) DX500 engine Wagler developed for the UCC competition used the aforementioned super/turbo charger compound combination in addition to water/meth injection and tons on #2 from the S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel system. It is a Duramax based engine with a billet block and a lot of go-fast know-how incorporated into the build. The engine is backed by a custom Neal Chance torque converter with a Rossler TH400 transmission to get the power to the big slicks on the drag strip or massive cut tires for the pull track.

Unfortunately for Wagler and his team their new build experienced some teething pains and did not deliver the power they hoped for with the super/turbo configuration. During the truck’s only pass down the strip the engine had an injector wiring issue that resulted in 7-cylinder performance as well as an issue that pressurized the case and blew out the rear main seal. Despite the problems the truck laid down an 11.457 second pass putting him squarely in the middle of the pack in 15th place. But the refresh on the engine took longer than they hoped and they missed the dyno competition on Saturday. On Sunday the team came back strong with a pull of just under 300-foot even though the super/turbo combination was still not playing well together.

The ShopTruck is a platform that Wagler and his team use to develop and advance new diesel performance technology, so they are constantly playing with the combination. Since the 2017 UCC competition, Wagler has continued tweak the ShopTruck and decided to remove the turbos from the DX500 engine and let the supercharger go it alone. The truck has really come to life making several exhibition hooks and a few passes down the strip and the team is very hopeful that they will have a very good showing at the 2018 UCC. They expect that the engine is capable of making 3,000 horsepower and hope to show it on the dyno during the upcoming UCC. But can a 2WD truck with an experimental engine be competitive in the UCC world of competition. We’re not sure, but we are certainly eager to find out when Wagler and the rest of the UCC competitors converge on the Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis on May 4th-6th 2018 so we can see who the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge champion will be!